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Buggy Board - Lascal vs Litaf Seat 2 Go

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SMC71 Thu 07-Aug-08 14:35:12

Hello. Anybody know what the best ride on board is? I want to get something for my toddler to ride on while the baby sits in the buggy. I was originally thinking the Lascal buggy board but then came across the Seat 2 Go which looks like a good idea but I don't know anyone who has one or has used one. Opinions on both or either would be greatly appreciated. Just on intial searches the Lascal has been around longer and has been more widely used and seems to have good reviews. The Seat 2 Go I think is relatively new. Not that many reviews out there and the ones that are are mixed. ie its brilliant or its rubbish!! Many thanks for any feedback.

nailpolish Thu 07-Aug-08 14:37:42

i used seat2go

it was great cos uyou could take it off and hook it over the handles of the buggy if your child decided to walk for a while or you were getting on the bus or folding it down to go in the car

also, my dd1 used to fall asleep sitting on it! so it must have been comfortable

i used it on different prams and buggies and had no probs

htat was 3 and a half years ago but i dont think the design has changed much

SMC71 Fri 08-Aug-08 21:22:07

Thanks for that! I had read so many bad reviews on them I was kind of against the idea but at the same time I think being able to sit as well as stand is great. My dd1 is not yet 2 so although she loves to walk she does get tired and hates sitting in the double buggy.

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