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**Hair Straightners** Wet 2 Straight.................

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pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 10:07:11

Message withdrawn

SeaShells Sat 12-Feb-05 10:10:12

I'm considering getting these aswell, once I blow dry my hair it turns into a big ball of frizz, then it's really difficult to straighten it out, these look perfect for me!

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 10:22:49

Message withdrawn

blueteddy Sat 12-Feb-05 10:30:29

Can't help I am afraid!
I would be interested 2 know what they r like 2.
I have normal straightners, but it takes forever to dry & then straighten my hair, as it is very thick!

blueteddy Sat 12-Feb-05 10:31:29

Did u know that u can get your hair chemically straightened at the hairdressers?

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 10:36:42

Message withdrawn

nikkim Sat 12-Feb-05 10:37:21

I haven't got the wet to dry straighetners but my hairdresser has warned against thjem, straightenng your haid damages it enough I still do it most day though :0 but straigtening form wet is about the worst thing you can do.

Hvae you looked on for straighteners at a discount price?

blueteddy Sat 12-Feb-05 10:39:28

I think it is the reverse of a perm IYKWIM.
I don't know about damage 2 your hair, but it lasts around 3 months.
I think it is quite expensive, but I am so fed up with all the performance of straightning mine that I am VERY tempted!

lilsmum Sat 12-Feb-05 10:42:52

pink diamond, no chemical straightening does last forever, will last similar time as a perm (as perm lotion used) it can help but is a nightmare when the roots start growing because the rest of the hair is straight (ish) and the roots grow back frizzy/curly, can help but you wont be able just to blow dry it, you will still need to use straighteners prob and isnt very good for the hair imo (i am a hairdresser)

also would echo what has been said about the wet to dry straighteners...i would imagine it isnt very kind to your hair at all

hth x

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 10:50:11

Message withdrawn

secur Sat 12-Feb-05 10:56:55

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Sat 12-Feb-05 10:58:55

pinkdiamond, try doing a really intensive conditioning treatment once a week that can help with the frizz, and try different products (you get what you pay for so try the more expensive) also serum can help... i know exactly what you mean though as i have naturally curly hair which i hate!!! lol i also would love glossy straight hair but i have accepted it now (finally after 25 years of fighting it lol!!)i am quite lucky though as mine does have a nice curl to it (abit like chrissie off eastenders)people always comment on it (they want to try washing it and dealing with it every day lol)

the wet to straight straighteners though ...i personally would wait till they come down in price (and they will, like everything) as its a lot of money to pay if they are rubbish and dont help


ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sat 12-Feb-05 11:01:22

What's happened to upset you Secur ? BHx

secur Sat 12-Feb-05 11:02:06

Message withdrawn

ja9 Sat 12-Feb-05 11:03:49

i got wet to straight straighteners for xmas. used them a few times and took them back. i have long hair and it took longer than drying my hair first then straightening them, plus, final effect wasn't tremendous, plus, they pulled and snagged my hair. changed them for ghd ones & there is just no comparison.


secur Sat 12-Feb-05 11:07:37

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 11:08:39

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 11:12:28

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Sat 12-Feb-05 11:14:46

secur, tbh (please dont jump on me lol ) i think we all go through a "nobody answers my threads" stage, i know i did at one point, and i took it too personally, buti can see why you thought what pinkdiamond said was a little harsh and i am sure she didnt mean it to sound that way


secur Sat 12-Feb-05 11:15:18

Message withdrawn

secur Sat 12-Feb-05 11:15:47

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sat 12-Feb-05 11:20:12

Message withdrawn

secur Sat 12-Feb-05 23:33:40

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Sat 12-Feb-05 23:40:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nightowl Sun 13-Feb-05 00:33:56

know nothing about straighteners but i kill threads a lot! sometimes people dont answer my threads. i think i broke my record once and didnt even get one reply. i dont take it personally anymore...just hope that no-one notices. (on the plus side, ive answered on a few controversial threads and no-one has posted after me so maybe sometimes my thread killing is for a good cause)

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