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Question about Persil fizzing washing machine tablets

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marthamoo Sat 12-Feb-05 09:05:12

I buy Ariel tablets normally - which go in the drawer but must have had some sort of mind melt when doing my online shopping and ordered Persil ones by mistake. Just opened the box and they have the little net that you put the tablets in and then it goes in the drum.

But sewn into the bottom corner of the net is a small blue triangle - covered in satin-y blue fabric and with a foam triangle fitted in it. Like a litle triangular pillow. What the hell is it? It isn't mentioned on the box and the picture on the box doesn't show it. Is it a little cushion for the tablets to rest on in between spin cycles?

I need to know!

Carla Sat 12-Feb-05 09:25:28

MM I did exactly the same as you, bought fizzies instead of capsules. And yes, I wondered exactly the same thing! Sorry, no help, but you're not alone in your curiosity.

hercules Sat 12-Feb-05 09:32:51

I hate them. I always use fairy one that fo in the draw. Dh sometimes buys the persil by mistake.

Potty1 Sat 12-Feb-05 09:39:07

I don't know what the blue thing's for either but I'm sick of having a net in every box. The under-sink cupboard is overflowing. Think I'll start a new thread....101 uses for persil nets

SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 09:40:37

Don't buy the tablets just use powder and softener. Do you need to use fabric conditioner with the tablets as well or is it all in?

misdee Sat 12-Feb-05 09:41:30

i just dont use fabric conditioner.

Ameriscot2005 Sat 12-Feb-05 09:55:52

I always use Bold tablets ("it's where the smart money goes" ), but having a look at the Persil website, I would think that the foam triangle is just so that you can easily spot the net in your washing and fish it out before losing it.

Fizzing tablets aren't going to stay lodged into a bit of foam, so I'm pretty sure that's not the explanation.

Beccles Sat 12-Feb-05 11:08:47

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Sat 12-Feb-05 13:00:52

I have emailed Persil to ask them. How sad am I? Watch this space!

joolee Sat 12-Feb-05 16:06:41

Have to admit to buying Persil tablets. You just put the tablets in the net and bung it in on top of the clothes.

Not sure what the sponge bit does but I suspect it helps the tablets to do it's stuff!

Dior Sat 12-Feb-05 16:10:52

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Sat 12-Feb-05 16:11:53

Persil nets are very good for.....

Putting DSs crayons in when we take them out
Putting little baby socks in when he was small so they don't get lost in the washer
Putting those Colour Catcher things in as they have been know to get eaten by the machine

Well thats what I use them for anyway !

NameChangingMancMidlander Sat 12-Feb-05 16:13:58

I've always found that the tablets don't dissolve properly. So I'm now back to using Persil non-bio & Comfort Pure . I buy the huge boxes of powder for about £6.00, works out as a considerable saving on buying the same amount of powder in the smaller cereal-box sized packs.

marthamoo Mon 14-Feb-05 21:41:10

I have my answer!

Dear Ms Moo
Thank you for your recent email.

Extensive tests have proved that the sponge prevents the net getting trapped within the washload, therefore allowing the tablets to dissolve thoroughly in the wash. The sponge is coloured blue as white plastic discolours easily, we felt it was better to have a strong colour.

Thank you again for contacting Persil.

Kind regards

Persil Person

So now you know!

Dior Mon 14-Feb-05 21:44:08

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 14-Feb-05 21:47:11

I still lose the bags .. I have at least 8 on the go and yet when I go to do a wash can never blinkin' find one

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