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ordered some made to measure shelves - now delivered, wrong colour, wrong size! what to do?

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bossykate Tue 05-Aug-08 19:33:37


recently ordered some made to measure pine bookcases for our living room to house some of our enormous collection of books.

i ordered them from a supplier i found through the internet (couldn't find anyone local, checked refs etc - should probably have asked mnet)and i sent photographs of a much smaller bookcase i wanted to "match" in terms of size and colour.


(1) colour is wrong - it's a "dark oak" rather than a "mahogany" stain. don't like it and it doesn't tone well with our other furniture. to my eye it is very obvious! this is the supplier's error, imo.

(2) size of one of the bookcases is wrong. it is a little too big for the space. the cornice can't be fully fitted, neither can the plinth. the body of the bookcase fits the space, but there is no clearance at the sides for power points, which was one of my key requirements. there are a few remediation steps we can take, which will look just about ok - but i don't want it to look just about ok. i think we need to start again and respec a smaller size. unfortunately, this is our error <<hangs head blush>>

still with me? smile

having mulled this over, this is what i think i would like to happen in the ideal world.

- we will swallow the wrong colour and undertake either to live with it or change it ourselves.
- supplier to take back wrong size bookcase with a partial refund assuming some resale value for it.
- supplier to supply another bookcase of the correct size which of course we would pay for.

does the above sound fair? imo, the supplier shouldn't lose out on that deal, should in fact do extra business - assuming they agree that there is some retail value for the wrong size bookcase.

another option would be for me to attempt to set aside the whole transaction on the grounds that the colour doesn't match spec - thereby rendering the question of size irrelevant.

i think the second option is less fair to the supplier tbh, however, they are taking a "tough shit" attitude at the moment - which is fair enough wrt to the size (as it was my incorrect spec) but is pissing me off when it comes to the colour (which is their error imo).

anyway, i would be grateful for the collective wisdom on these options or any others mnetters may come up with.

thanks very much in advance for your help smile

bossykate Tue 05-Aug-08 19:58:10


charliecat Tue 05-Aug-08 20:02:20

comparing the photo to the one you have it noticable then that the colour is wrong, or just when its next to the original?

Califrau Tue 05-Aug-08 20:06:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 05-Aug-08 20:19:50

Impossible to match a colour just from a photograph imo, so I wouldn't say that that was necessarily their fault.

Your suggestion for remedial action sounds reasonable if there is a resale value for the bookcase, but if all their stuff is bespoke then it might not, and you would be relying entirely on their goodwill for this, so I'd play nicely during negotiations.

bossykate Wed 06-Aug-08 15:02:56

thanks for these comments.

yes we are totally f*kd on the measurements side - totally my stupid, stupid fault.

with the benefit of hindsight i should have got something bespoke rather than made to measure - in trying to save money i have ended up out of pocket! gah!

am really fed up about this.

have checked out the supplier's website and having seen their standard bookcases and i don't think they will take them back.

as far as the colour goes - if it couldn't be matched from a photo than the chap should have told me that from the outset.

i will have to get the photos out and see how far off it is compared to those. it is very different from real life.

i always worry about stuff like this happening whenever we undertake any household improvement or purchase. in nine years of home ownership this has been the only time!

<<bangs head against wall>>

thanks for these comments smile

bossykate Wed 06-Aug-08 20:11:22

just in case anyone has a genius flash of inspiration smile

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