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Monthly activity pack thingy that comes through the post .... does it still exist?

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franch Fri 11-Feb-05 16:23:59

When I was little (preschool - 1970s), the highlight of my month was this pack that used to come through the door once a month with all sorts of fun/educational activities in it. There was a big map of a village that you got to start with, and every month you got a new house/shop to put on it; and a little record with nursery rhymes and stuff on it - that sort of thing.

Does a 21st-century version of this exist? Please say yes!!!

nutcracker Fri 11-Feb-05 16:28:32

Erm don't think so no. I have never heard of it.

AuntyQuated Fri 11-Feb-05 16:30:51

there's a cookery one advertised on the back of dd's brownie mag

AuntyQuated Fri 11-Feb-05 16:34:54

here it is

franch Fri 11-Feb-05 16:36:38

That sounds nice, AuntyQuated, although a bit old for DD. I guess my 70s thing is long extinct!

NotQuiteCockney Fri 11-Feb-05 16:48:46

We get the children's traffic club - it's free, but it's just for Londoners, I think. Not that many activities, but still something.

I think kid's magazines fill this role, generally - DS1 loves the Disney ones, and Bob the Builder.

franch Fri 11-Feb-05 16:57:59

That sounds good, NQC - DD has a while to go before she'll be able to join this but it looks a bit like the "Tufty Club" from my day, which was always fun!!

The great thing about the thing I'm talking about was the continuity - it was kind of a 'course', in the funnest way possible. I can still remember the excitement of the big fat brown envelope - addressed to me! - dropping through the letterbox.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 11-Feb-05 17:00:12

This does come every month, and it is addressed to the child. DS1 is very fond of it, even though most of the advice is a bit late to me ... really, he should be in a car seat? he should learn to be careful around cars? you think?

But it's well-intentioned and reasonably interesting. And hey, free!

franch Fri 11-Feb-05 17:01:13

I'll look forward to it!

Aimsmum Fri 11-Feb-05 17:04:51

Message withdrawn

BadHair Mon 21-Feb-05 19:07:09

Franch - I think you're talking about the 3, 4, 5 Nursery Club, cos I was in it too (would have been early-mid 70s). I remember having a Noah's Ark mural to build up, a street with different numbers of people living in the houses, and the story of the monkeys and the banana on one of the records. I'm still cursing my parents for giving all the records away to a jumble sale in 1985!
I've been looking for something similar aswell, and the closest I got was something called the Gazunder Gang. It was a monthly thing and had stories and a tape or CD, but it was 3 years ago now. We didn't actually join it, and I've just googled it now and come up with nothing. I do have a CD at home though, so I'll have a look for the address if it's still going.

franch Mon 21-Feb-05 19:12:14

Ooh, thanks BadHair! The name doesnt ring a bell but it does definitely sound like the same thing. I'll ask my mum if it rings a bell for her. Do you remember a song called 'Looking for the Ogo Pogo'?! I can still remember all the words ... not that they were very complex!

BadHair Mon 21-Feb-05 19:26:44

YES! Oh my god I remember that, though I'd forgotten it until you mentioned it. I'm even singing the tune now (but can't remember the words)!

lockets Mon 21-Feb-05 19:30:01

Message withdrawn

franch Tue 22-Feb-05 13:47:47

Looking for the ogo pogo
Funny little ogo pogo
Looking for him here, looking for him there
I'm going to put a little bit of salt on his tail

franch Tue 22-Feb-05 13:48:42

Actually I just googled that and apparently it's not 'Looking for him here' etc., it's 'His mother was an earwig, his father was a whale' - but maybe that was considered unsuitable because I'm sure I'd remember that bit!

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