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toddler proofing your home.

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Carameli Fri 11-Feb-05 14:40:55

we've got the basic for plugs and a great stick on hook for a cupboard that has a side( so that you can wrap it over the door and around the corner.

But I also need to get some more for kitchen cupboards and something to stop her swtiching the tv channel over when I am trying to watch something.

what do people recommend. would rather not have to bother with nail and screws etc as we are going to move soon.

any ideas????

tarantula Fri 11-Feb-05 14:44:19

If anyone knows of any good cupboard locks that dont need screws Id be interested too. Really do not want to out screws into my new cupboards. Cheers

CelluliteQueen Fri 11-Feb-05 21:57:49

We have just used elastic bands around our cupboards. 18mo DS now knows which cupboards he's allowed to play in: pans, plastic containers and kitchen trays (all his favourites). I have since removed the band from the plate cupboard and under the kitchen sink and he won't attempt to open them now (I'm still watching him obviously!!!).

janeybops Fri 11-Feb-05 22:26:17

would definitely be interested in stopping ds from changing channels and turning tv on/off all the time.

The only other thing I have done is a cupboard lock on the chemical cupboard in the kitchen. My sis drank dettol when we were kids! Oh and a stairgate at top of stairs to stop him falling down.

Thats it the rest is a hawk like eye and teaching him what he can and can't play with.

Tommy Fri 11-Feb-05 22:37:50

We use a lot of masking tape....looks very stylish I can tell you but keeps the video cabinet shut and I also stick some over the off/on button on the TV

tillykins Fri 11-Feb-05 22:39:24

I find a straitjacket works wonders

janeybops Fri 11-Feb-05 22:40:49

tommy good idea but ds will just find endless source of amusement in peeling off the masking tape before switching it off I'm sure. May try it though!

Gwenick Fri 11-Feb-05 22:43:22

We don't have cupboard locks in our kitchen - we just have a stairgate at the door way so he can't get in there at any time

KBear Fri 11-Feb-05 22:47:06

I didn't want cupboard locks on my fab new kitchen when we moved her so I just keep all the dangerous stuff in a high cupboard and put pots and pans under the sink.

Those little corners for work tops and tables are invaluable when your little ones get that high. My DS still walks into the work top corner now and he's three.

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