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Electric toothbrush?

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mrsmalumbas Tue 05-Aug-08 11:29:51

Hi - anyone got any recommendations for electric toothbrushes?

Ideally I'd like a rechargeable one (not battery) that the whole family can use. The girls are 4 and 7 and have used the disposable battery ones and love the disney type designs but I find they are so expensive and don't last long.

DH and I used to use a Braun but it has long gone and manual toothbrushes just don't seem to do the job as well.

So I thought if I could buy one basic toothbush for us all and then put the Disney or similar heads on it that would be good (for the kids obviously, not for us!)

And if it had a dinky little storage box so that all the heads are not left lying around in the bathroom thnat would be good too.

Budget up to about 70 quid. Thanks so much!

suedonim Tue 05-Aug-08 11:56:45

We have the basic Oral B one, which is fine. Any of the Oral B heads fit it. There's storage for two brushes, I think but we just keep the brushes in a small glass pot which was once a votive candle holder.

suedonim Tue 05-Aug-08 11:57:43

Oh no, it's not the basic one. We have the one with a timer - v useful.

mrsmalumbas Wed 06-Aug-08 08:38:00

Thanks I will have a shufti on e-bay and see what they have got. Anyone else? What about those fancy sonic ones - worth the money?

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