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High Chairs & Table Seats - Advice please

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CharliesMum08 Tue 05-Aug-08 11:02:45


Its getting close to the time when we will need a high chair. Currently have a bumbo with tray and my DS sits in this on the table - this is great for now but when we have family round etc, it would be much better for him to be sat at the table rather than on it.

We dont have much space to store a chair without hauling it upstairs to storage space so need advice on good high chairs that can fold and be stored away.

We;ve been looking and come accross table seats - anyone have any experience of these?? Are they good for everyday use or just for travelling etc??

Advice much apreciated


babyjjbaby Tue 05-Aug-08 12:09:35

i have got a £25 mothercare table seat and it is fine for everyday use but i do prefer a highchair as space is a issue i would go for a cosatto on the move or mothercare ttravel highchair

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