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What magazine do you read?

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RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 12:50:57

There is a new mag being launched next week called GRAZZIA or something like that

It is a weekly Glossy mag.

IMHO glossy mags have too many adverts.

I never buy them I just read my mums and sisters ones.

Does anybody else buy glossy ones do you think too many adverts?

secur Fri 11-Feb-05 12:52:05

Message withdrawn

Beansmum Fri 11-Feb-05 12:53:27

I love the adverts, they are the best bit. I have a fridge covered in ripped out pages of adverts for things I REALLY need, like a new fridge.

RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 12:53:54

Same here

Just think there are too many to start with

Why bring out yet another one?

Especially every week

How will they fill them with interesting articles?

RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 12:54:48

Beansmum yes I guess a wish list of piccies

kama Fri 11-Feb-05 12:59:14

Message withdrawn

LipstickMum Fri 11-Feb-05 13:01:09

I tend to recycle magazines with my friends too RT and I am forever picking them out of other peoples green boxes when they are out for collection

I tend to look at Red and Marie-Claire for a good mix products and fashion. Tbh at the end of reading it, I may have picked up 1, maybe 2 tips but always feel a bit let down.

These mags have a way of selling a lifestyle to you on the cover, making you feel like you have to read it. Then when you read the article etc. realise it was nothing special at all!

sasa15 Fri 11-Feb-05 13:02:30

is GRAZIA...

I do like read HEAT but only once every 2 months...
apart I don't have time...also I get bored of it...Seems there are the same new after a while...

RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 13:08:47

I have never read Vogue so can't comment on it really

Is it possible to live like they are talking about then?

I look nothing like those models and so the clothes sections would be totally lost on me and depress me [honestly]

I would never fit any of the clothes they are talking about.

What else do they talk about as well as clothes, make up etc.

Are they expecting us to all have perfect lives and live in perfect houses?

Or am I being unfair on them?

RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 13:10:59

sasa15 sorry

I have just seen it on BBC2 Working Lunch talking about the launch.

biglips Fri 11-Feb-05 13:12:12

NOW - as its more for my age group (30) as i dont buy hello or OK as its too serious for me...

kama Fri 11-Feb-05 13:16:08

Message withdrawn

MancMum Fri 11-Feb-05 13:24:24

got a free copy of grazzia -- thought it was OK but not great -- not a good enough quality magazine and the trash was not trashy enough... I pesonally read loads of magazines and then get quite cros at myself as I think most are crap and far too expensive....

How many people do you know who can spend the sort of money on clothes that they advertise? and the pressure to be so slim and young looking... with a dose of hypocrisy in the midddle usually in the form of a short article on how we should love ourselves as we are... why do women put so much pressure on other women?

crunchie Fri 11-Feb-05 13:39:35

As I think some of you know I work for a women's magazine and therefore this is really my 'pet' subject. I HAVE to read all the magazines as part of my job, but I have to say I really enjoyed Grazia.

IMHO lots of the monthly glossies do have too many ads, particularly 'banked' in spreads at the front of the mag. Weekly magazines however are light on ads and full of trash. Therefore Grazia is really filling a gap in the market. Why shouldn't weekly magazines be a real 'read' and have decent fashion in it. Also weekly magazines currently fit into two categories, Celebrity weeklies - downmarket trash, or Traditional Weeklies like Bella/Best etc that are far too grown up and boring Grazia will fit the void between this, with a fashion led title, but feature driven more than celebs.

I thought Grazia would be even more upmarket than it was, it did suprise me and it will be £1.50 a week. I think it will affect the Hellp/OK readership and also Red (may also affect my magazine, but I hope not)

Kayleigh Fri 11-Feb-05 13:46:56

The only monthly I read regularly is EVE, although it usually takes me more than a month to get through it.

I had the free copy of Grazia this week and thought it was ok as far as a weekly went, the others are way too trashy and celeb heavy for my liking. Although I do like reading them in the hairdressers . Not sure I'll want to spend £1.50 every week on a mag but will definitely get next weeks as it's only 75p with the voucher from this weeks freebie.

RTKangaMummy Fri 11-Feb-05 13:57:40

Crunchie sorry didn't think about anyone here working for magazine

Sorry I was so rude about them

Although you agree about adverts. I do realise that is how they get their money, and if they didn't have them they would charge even more to buy.

Demented Fri 11-Feb-05 14:00:15

I read Good Food and Slimming World, perhaps there's a connection there?

If I escape from DH and the kids I like to go to Costa Coffee and usually buy a trashy celeb mag to read there, Now, OK or Heat, although last couple of times I got away I took my book as it is cheaper and more interesting.

Lucycat Fri 11-Feb-05 14:03:08

Spend all my free time on here, so don't have time to read mags. I do inherit my friend's Heat magazine sometimes though!

Carameli Fri 11-Feb-05 14:10:32

my mum got be and Red and Elle subs for Chrismtas so I get that one, I also subscribe to Marie Claire( have done for years and I love it)
Also have subscription to Mother & Baby.

I admit I am a total addict to magazines!!! But I love sitting down late at night when dd is in bed with a nice cup of tea/glass of wine and having some me time.

expatinscotland Fri 11-Feb-05 14:12:52

Good Foord and Oprah Magazine

Cod Fri 11-Feb-05 14:13:27

Message withdrawn

crunchie Fri 11-Feb-05 14:29:56

RTKM Don't worry I am not insulted at all. I totally agree with you there are a lot of mags with too many ads and the same features in all of them. However I do think a weekly mag with more interesting 'readable' features will be one to watch. BTW I work for REAL magazine selling the ads, so I spend all day slagging off my competition, I am very good at it

motherinferior Fri 11-Feb-05 14:30:46

I like any magazine which will pay me for writing for it.

crunchie Fri 11-Feb-05 14:33:02

Yeah RTKM It depends on great journos like MI and Aloha to fill it with intersting articles every week

Hausfrau Fri 11-Feb-05 14:35:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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