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Thick I know but where do you get pens to mark water bottles and lunch boxes and what are they called?

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moondog Mon 04-Aug-08 12:15:04

Can't believe I don't know this.

Celery Mon 04-Aug-08 12:16:00

You can just use a permanent marker pen, available from most stationers and supermarkets.

moondog Mon 04-Aug-08 12:18:40

Really? It doesn't come offd???

Celery Mon 04-Aug-08 16:12:47

It fades after a while, but lasts for ages.

Cappuccino Mon 04-Aug-08 16:23:00

I think you are looking for Sharpie markers

moondog Mon 04-Aug-08 19:23:27

Thank you.

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 04-Aug-08 19:24:19

or CD pens

mumlove Mon 04-Aug-08 20:49:34

I have just started to use nail varnish.

missmama Mon 04-Aug-08 20:51:57

Tippex works a treat on black lunchboxes.

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