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Giant Alphabet stencils....

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Poshpaws Fri 11-Feb-05 10:13:37

...or free downloadable giant alphabet letters. When I mean giant, I mean about A4 size.

Can anyone help?


popsycal Fri 11-Feb-05 10:16:42

All I do is print some out from word then enlarge on a you have access to one?

Hulababy Fri 11-Feb-05 10:19:31

I just do same at Popsy.

Poshpaws Fri 11-Feb-05 10:35:45

Duh. Why didn't I think of that???
I only want a few and I have a colour printer at home.

Thanks for waking me up

popsycal Fri 11-Feb-05 10:58:56

thats teachers for you though poshpaws.....
we are cheapskates!

Hulababy Fri 11-Feb-05 16:26:22

As I am in an ICT room, I don't bother photocopying - I just print lots instead. My technicians love me

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