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mail-order maternity clothes

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milward Thu 10-Feb-05 23:21:32

Have to get some maternity clothes as only fit one skirt comfortably now. Can anyone recommend mail order companies - as it's difficult for me to shop with my other dds in tow!! Thanks xx

Fran1 Thu 10-Feb-05 23:49:38

Blooming marvellous


Next used to do maternity

And there are a couple of others i cannot remember the names of, but they are always advertised on the back of mother and baby mags.

milward Thu 10-Feb-05 23:53:57

Thanks fran1 - will check out some mother & baby mags. Never thought of boden

ediemay Thu 10-Feb-05 23:58:50

hi milward, I got some lovely things from vertbaudet and they often have sales and offers. They do good baby clothes too. They are at

I know it's not mail order but if you can get to an H&M they have great maternity stuff and it's so reasonable. I know it wouldn't be easy with your DDs but just thought I'd mention it. My H&M stuff has been passed on 3 times so far!

milward Fri 11-Feb-05 00:04:47

Thanks ediemay - I like h&m as well. The lift at my local branch can only just about fit a pushchair - such a hassle as I agree that their stuff is great & price is good. I'll check vertbaudet though as didn't know about this one.

Fran1 Fri 11-Feb-05 00:05:34

sh**t milward, when i saw edie may post vertbaudet, i realise i meant that NOT Boden!! Sooooo sorry to get your hopes up! At least i don't think Boden do maternity, i'll go and have a look for you!

milward Fri 11-Feb-05 00:09:50

no probs fran1 - hopefully someone from boden will think what a great idea & add some maternity clothes into their catalogue. Thanks for your reply A stripy, spotty, pattern mismatched top would have disguised my increasing bulk!!

ediemay Fri 11-Feb-05 00:20:35

aren't small lifts a pain? Also, small toilet cubicles when you're pg - I used to have to reverse in!

goreousgirl Fri 11-Feb-05 00:24:32

Jo jo maman bebe - what size are you milward?

pickledonion Fri 11-Feb-05 08:31:39

dorothy perkins
additions direct (use to be argos additions)

lulupop Fri 11-Feb-05 14:43:07

Isabella Oliver as worn by Trinny (of What Not To Wear fame)


both do lovely maternity wear, well made and much more flattering than the marquee-shaped tops from Blooming Marvellous!

SOmetimes you can find nice stuff in Dorotyh perkins and H&M as well.

I recommend looking on ebay at US sellers, where you can find loads of stuff from pea in a Pod, DvF etc for really amazing prices.

bonym Fri 11-Feb-05 14:49:02

I'd second the recommendation for US ebay sellers but was disappointed with Isabella Oliver - clothes look lovely but the trousers I bought were much too big and I ended up selliing them (unworn) on ebay at 32weeks pg! I am wearing their wrap top now and it looks good bu is a right pain to wrap, stay wrapped (without showing bits of flesh everywhere) and tie in a comfortable place. The other item I bought from them was a dress which is fine but cut so that you can't wear a bra without it showing!
La Redoute do a small selection of maternity wear.

milward Fri 11-Feb-05 21:18:01

Dear all - Thanks for the super tips - lots of sites to checkout GG I was a size 10 but now getting bigger all over - last time gained 25 kilos & outgrew most of my maternity clothes!!but somehow lost it by bf & always running after dds

Miaou Fri 11-Feb-05 21:45:03

No-one's mentioned Mothercare - I ordered some stuff which came today - jeans, a wrap top (which stays together VERY nicely ) and a maternity swimsuit. It came quite fast, I was pleased with the quality, and the site was easy to use (though the pictures were a bit small). I've also ordered a top from JoJoMamanBebe which should come tomorrow.

My only gripe is - do they think small women don't get pregnant? I had to turn up the jeans six inches and the sleeves on the top by one inch . Does anyone know of any petite maternity ranges available on the web?

Tipex Fri 11-Feb-05 21:52:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

milward Sat 12-Feb-05 22:45:44

loved the isabella oliver clothes as I wear a lot of black. Have also looked a formes they have a lovely cardi. Miaou - I think they do petite clothes as well? Great advice everyone.

sansouci Sat 12-Feb-05 22:52:16

Try if you don't mind wearing some secondhand stuff. I got most of my clothing from them, including 2 swimsuits - not secondhand - which I wore constantly (summer of '03... what a nightmare!).

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