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Any 'Jane' pushchair experts out there? Question regarding powertwin / nomad & carseats ...really struggling to find answers...

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DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 03-Aug-08 14:30:49

I have a Jane Powertwin already, its in Plata same as this one

Its not a powertwin 'pro'.

I have no carseat with it for new baby.

I ALSO have a Jane Nomad thats on the way,

Now this is a Nomad 'pro' with a rebel carseat that the woman says also says 'pro' on it.

What I want to know is...

Will the 'rebel pro' that arrives with the nomad fit on the powertwin?

I assumed it would, but seems there are millions of jane carseats!

Or would a normal rebel (if i bought one as it would fit the normal powertwin) fit onto the nomad pro chassis?

Iff you understand me...well done grin

DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 03-Aug-08 14:46:25

seems not apparantly!

ah well.

Pippinella Sun 03-Aug-08 19:55:30

Ok...I had a Powertwin but not the Pro version. It would only fit the non-pro seat as far as I am aware. do not necessarily need the car seat clips to clip the car seat on. The car seat (ie pro or non-pro)does actually nestle into the buggy when the the back seat is reclined, it doesn't move about once its in. I actually preferred using it this way as it meant you could still use the rear sun hood and completely cover up baby if sunny or drizzling. (the car seat clips click into the hood slot, if you are with me).

Does that make sense? hmm

Good idea getting a separate Nomad for those single days - i thought about doing that but never did!

DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 03-Aug-08 20:29:54

So really I could put the pro carseat on the powertwin and it would be secure?

I guess i can do it when the nomad arrives and see how it feels.

I really want a carry cot to fit the nomad pro.

Can you tell me which I would need to get?


Theres so many bloody versions I don't 'get' it!

DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 03-Aug-08 20:30:18

Oh and thankyou!!

How rude of me!

Pippinella Sun 03-Aug-08 20:56:30

lol you're welcome! It will probably fit differently on the nomad, as on the Powertwin its actually the front seat that holds the car seat in place.

I don't understand all the different versins either tbh - and the Twin Two is different again, I have heard angry

DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 03-Aug-08 20:57:37

Its silly IMO

I actully BOUGHT the nomad because I thought the carseat would be able to be used on both hmm

Ah well!

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