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For Ex-Pats everywhere !

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Whizzz Thu 10-Feb-05 21:09:39

Just found this website if anyone is homesick for the UK - I was looking for Sparklers Vtech books !

look !

Can you believe the things you can get sent anywhere !

Cod Thu 10-Feb-05 21:13:16

Message withdrawn

LIZS Thu 10-Feb-05 21:13:24

Hey thanks ! £2.15 for a 500g pack of Shreddies though.

Whizzz Thu 10-Feb-05 21:17:52

Its amazing isn't it ! Just imagine being in Nepal & just dying for a Burtons Wagon Wheel - just one click & they'd be on their way (thats if you can get an internet connection in Nepal !)

Actually - I don't even know where half these places are !

Cod Thu 10-Feb-05 21:19:58

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Thu 10-Feb-05 21:20:47

You see Cod, I must be the Champion Virtual Shopper !

lucy5 Thu 10-Feb-05 21:24:23

Great idea but its still not going to get me a donner kebab, hahaha.

LapsedGymJunkie Thu 10-Feb-05 21:32:06

Mind you, the soy sauce is on reduced, Chinese New Year being over and all that

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