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Where is the best place to get a Wii from at the minute?

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bluenosesaint Sat 02-Aug-08 23:16:35

As title says really - who is offering the best deals on a Nintendo Wii?

Can you recommend any good family games?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unknownrebelbang Sat 02-Aug-08 23:21:45

Me too, cos this will be the joint Christmas present for everyone.

Well, it saves me having to think too hard wink

Fimbo Sat 02-Aug-08 23:22:41

Tbh Wii Sports and Wii Fit are all you really need.

Although ds and dd warble along together to High School Musical.

People rave on here about Mario Kart.

I go to the library and hire the games out there, that way you can decide whether you like a game enough to buy it.

Don't know about deals - perhaps look up Kelkoo or some of those sites that do price comparison.


bubblerock Sat 02-Aug-08 23:23:37

Take a look HERE for best prices/discounts - I love this site, it shows discounts on loads of items grin

TheQueenIsDead Sat 02-Aug-08 23:24:46

Our Curry's Digital had a sign up yesterday saying they were in stock (has there been a recent shortage?)
Good family games - We're currently playing Mario Kart, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Wario Ware Smooth Moves (love it). DP has House of the Dead (DSs are banned from playing it) and the Tiger Woods golf one. Boys like Happy Feet. DS1 getting Ben 10 game for his birthday.
The Wii Sports game and Wii Play are good staples.

bluenosesaint Sat 02-Aug-08 23:39:34

Great site bubblerock!

Thanks all smile

bluenosesaint Sat 02-Aug-08 23:54:55

Ok, so for those others who are interested - going off bubblerocks site, Game seem to have the best offers on:

this one is a bundle with wii sports, ultimate board game, rayman raving rabbids 2 and carnival funfair for only £199.99

Any opinions on these games?

this is the same price but with wii sports, sonic riders, rayman raving rabbids 2 and super monkey ball

Any opinions on these games?

bubblerock Sun 03-Aug-08 10:41:22

£3 off code for GAME - ID734TJAW
Also 3% cashback through QUIDCO


WendyWeber Sun 03-Aug-08 11:20:00

3% cashback on hardware & 5% on software at Cashback Rewards (I just spent £100 at Game & didn't look until afterwards, dammit.)

Game def have the best bundles - sign up for those email alerts!

WendyWeber Sun 03-Aug-08 11:22:54

I got mine via email alert from

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