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Which ride-on after a small wooden trike?

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kwaker5 Sat 02-Aug-08 21:10:26

DS is 21 mo and getting too big for his wooden ELC trike. Not sure what to get next though. How long is it before they can pedal? Is it worth getting a balance bike or too early? Have also looked at wheelybugs, but are they sturdy enough to be raced up and down a patio 100 times a day?

savoycabbage Sun 03-Aug-08 15:18:11

Wheelybugs are quite sturdy I think.

I have got one of these


which are great I think. Two children can fit on. Or an adult! My dd is the same age as your ds and she can manage this fine. My sister has a big wheelybug and a small one and my dd is getting a bit big for he smaller one.

My oldest could peddle between two and two and a half. She learnt on a peddle go-kart

from argos

which seemed to be much easier to peddle than her trike.

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