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Older style Mountain Buggy Urban Single

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littlelamb Sat 02-Aug-08 10:28:58

I just have a few questions about the older style mountain buggy, with the fixed handle. I have been offered a second hand one and do like the look of it, but haven't actually seen it in the flesh yet. I went to our local buggy shop yesterday to have a look at the newer style one, and it seems very wide. Is this the case with the older one? I can't seem to find a website that does a comparison. Are there any other major differences?

littlelamb Sat 02-Aug-08 14:16:27


Flightputsonahat Sat 02-Aug-08 14:19:17

I don't know if the width is different - never found it an issue tbh though, as it is much narrower than many other buggies (have had about 50 so am quite the expert wink)

It's a very nice buggy imo. I have only had the older one, not the newer one.

I like the handle being fixed as it seems stronger to me.

Fabric was lovely and tough as well, the newer is thinner and has a tendency to go a bit at seams depending on what pattern/style you go for.

I'd go with the one you've been offered as long as the price is good. smile


ajm200 Sat 02-Aug-08 14:28:57

We've just bought the new mountain buggy twin because we do so much mileage with our quinny that we have literally worn it out in 18 months! The mountain buggy looks like a good buy. Sturdy and simple, less to go wrong. Go for it if it's in good condition. you can always ebay it afterwards.

Flightputsonahat - where did you hear about the material fraying... this is one of my main bug bears with our current single buggy

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