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Skipping rope - is 4yo too young to get one?

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ja9 Sat 02-Aug-08 08:48:32

I know it takes them ages to get the hang of it but is this a good age to start having a go?


tassisssss Sat 02-Aug-08 11:04:42


we have one and ds and his friends enjoy playing with it

ok so they often play at taking people prisoner or taking dogs for walks but ometimes attempt to skip!

yawningmonster Sat 02-Aug-08 11:13:09

we are getting one for ds for his birthday, he uses his mates one all the time. He can't swing it over his head but holds it properly in front of him and jumps over, then just repositions it, absolutely loves it.

ja9 Sat 02-Aug-08 21:57:33

thank you. had been wondering about them for party bags for ds birthday...

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