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did anyone try the graco car seat 3rd stage

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novah Thu 10-Feb-05 11:08:26

hi, did u try the Graco car seat in Argos for 39 pounds? is it confortable and good for a 2 years toddler?

misdee Thu 10-Feb-05 11:39:22

can u link it for us?

Bozza Thu 10-Feb-05 11:41:50

We've got one for DS and like it. He falls asleep in it occasionally and seems comfortable. How big is your 2 yo though? DS was older than this when he went into it - I think the minimum weight is 35lbs because its basically a high back booster and uses the adult seat belt to secure the child. Also will your 2yo stay in place and not try to escape?

misdee Thu 10-Feb-05 11:42:31

this one?

i have that one for my girls, but they are a lot heavier, your child needs to be 33lb+ to use it ithink (usually 4years old)

i would get this this one for a smaller toddler

Bozza Thu 10-Feb-05 11:44:58

Agree with misdee. Do you need to change the car seat just now?

misdee Thu 10-Feb-05 11:48:40

think novah is expecting another baby soon. but the cruiser plus is a good solid seat. i am ordering one for my MIL car tomorrow, as dd2 is now 40lb and reached the limit on the seat she was using.

MamaMaiasaura Thu 10-Feb-05 12:33:09

Missdee - i have the same one without the back part for ds (5 tomorrow) He loves the little cup holders - we end up with smarties and the like in them.

Lucycat Thu 10-Feb-05 12:36:40

Yep we have one too. It's great!, the little cup holders are really useful and dd1 (age 4.9) has been in it for about a year, then again she is tall for her age!

SoupDragon Thu 10-Feb-05 15:53:52

We've got the Graco junior high backed one from Misdee's first link for both DSs and it's a great seat. I wouldn't have been happy with them in it at 2yo though.

MamaMaiasaura Thu 10-Feb-05 19:18:26

ds only went into that seat when he was about 3.6 before that he was in one of those posh all singing all dancing jobbies

novah Fri 11-Feb-05 10:22:40

thanks al lot. he is almost 2 and he is a big boy but seems u all agree it will be big for him so i think i will go for the britax cruiser one, just a SILLY Q is kiddicare a real shop or is it only on line .

misdee Sat 12-Feb-05 20:16:01

they have a shop at p'boro.

the britax cruiser seems suitable for all cars tho, as it isnt on the britax fit finder.

kiddicare is just the cheapest for car seats i've found.

i ordered the cruiser yesterday for dd2 for grandparents car.

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