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has anyone got a stokke chair that they are finished with and would sell me that lives in london...

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Heathcliffscathy Thu 31-Jul-08 18:30:16

so that i can collect?

worth a shot?

frogs Thu 31-Jul-08 18:33:33

Have you tried ebay? They don't seem to turn up much in 2nd hand shops or small ads as far as I can see. Sorry, not much help, but I think people hold onto them for ages. We sold our other one for collection on ebay, but we still need dd2's one.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 31-Jul-08 18:37:22

thanks frogs
maybe i should just get a new one
poor ds is 4 and has never been sat at the right height for our kitchen table since he was out of his high chair.

think if i'm demanding good table manners out of him, the least that i can do is get him a chair that works!

frogs Thu 31-Jul-08 18:44:04

Here are some on ebay in London and SE

You could also search for stokke, or there are other companies that do a rip-off version, eg. Tchibo.

poshtottie Thu 31-Jul-08 18:59:00

next do one too.

frogs Thu 31-Jul-08 19:00:11

Have you seen this, sophable?

Heathcliffscathy Thu 31-Jul-08 21:07:00

argh. missed it. you're so kind frogs et al...thanks

hillbilly Thu 31-Jul-08 22:21:50

At least if you buy a new one you know that you'll be able to sell it for a good price later as they really hold value. I bought my 2nd one after realising that they were selling for around £80 for 2nd hand on ebay.

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