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Educational board games

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THERESA Wed 09-Feb-05 16:12:31

We've a few of these, particularly 'Orchard' ones. My children are 6 & 3 and most of them can be played with by both of them. Their fave's are 'Shopping List' & 'Round the Houses'. Am looking for something to stretch the 6yr old (she's quite bright). Have seen in a catalogue 'Pop to the Shops' & 'Auntie Pasta's fraction game'. Are they any good? Any other recommendations?

THERESA Thu 10-Feb-05 11:18:32

Come on folks, this is the first time I've had no replies! Is there no-one out there with a good game to recommend?

Clayhead Thu 10-Feb-05 11:20:49

Mine are only 1 & 3 so we're on younger games still but I think my friend's 5 year old likes one to do with Traffic Jams (an Orchard one).

Clayhead Thu 10-Feb-05 11:25:03

Just remembered there's one called 'Party Party' whihc a friend's daughter (8 y o) loves. I don't know how stretching it is but it's fun!

And my other friend has 'Slug in a Jug' which she says is good.

amynnixmum Thu 10-Feb-05 11:26:22

Can't think of any off the top of my head but Formative Fun does a good selection os educational games.

Cam Thu 10-Feb-05 11:42:24

My dd became a whizz at Monopoly age 6, helps with maths and is getting quite good at Scrabble now.

LIZS Thu 10-Feb-05 11:51:18

We have Slug in a Jug and Spotty Dogs . My kids are simialr ages but ds has really outgrown them.

candycane Thu 10-Feb-05 13:38:58

We've got a lovely version of Twister from ELC - it's got a map of all the continents on instead of circles. Junior Scrabble is really good too.

roisin Thu 10-Feb-05 13:45:21

I think it is a very tall order to find a game which will suit 3 yr-old, whilst simultaneously 'stretching' a bright 6 yr old.

Junior Monopoly might come closest to fitting the bill. Guess Who is good, but your 3 yr-old would probably need some help.

marialuisa Thu 10-Feb-05 13:59:43

DD is nearly 4 and enjoys "Guess Who" (once they get the hang of it, you can do it so each player has 2 cards), Operation, Junior Scrabble and Connect 4. I think all of those games would still be enjoyed by a 6 year old, but probably more as fun than an educational exercise.

Marina Thu 10-Feb-05 14:03:43

Pop to the Shops and their French version Des Courses a Faire are both great Theresa.
But to be honest even bog-standard Ludo is educational for turn-taking, basic mental arithmetic and fair play (as are Top Trumps for your older one...)

FrenchGirl Thu 10-Feb-05 14:08:33

DD (bright 5 and a half) enjoys Pop to the Shops (definitely educational) and loves Party Party Party (not particularly stretching but good fun and very girly). She also likes Junior Cluedo (no murder, but a missing piece of chocolate cake, good fun but patience required).
Ravensburger do very good games but hard to find (had a look today on Amazon actually and they had lots... but all were unavailable).
We also buy lots of games in France (most of them are german games originally). They are made by Haba. Also excellent games made by a french company called Sentosphere.

FrenchGirl Thu 10-Feb-05 14:18:46

Have a look at this site , they have a fantastic selection of games and lots of other quality stuff. Have never ordered from them though.

THERESA Fri 11-Feb-05 06:24:49

Thanks everyone,I knew you wouldn'tlet me down! Have just been on the 'Bright Minds' website and ordered 'pop to the shops' as well as a few others!!! Am interested in 'party,party,party,', who makes it, is it widely available?

Cod Fri 11-Feb-05 06:58:03

Message withdrawn

Podmog Fri 11-Feb-05 08:19:16

Message withdrawn

Clayhead Fri 11-Feb-05 08:21:06

Party Party Party is an Orchard game

THERESA Sat 12-Feb-05 07:55:42

Thank you so much Clayhead, have had a look and it looks just the job! It's a pity it's not her birthday til September. Will have to think of an excuse to buy it before then!

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