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Climbing frame for 5 and 8 yr old ?

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wohmum Mon 28-Jul-08 23:55:10

I'm sure there must alreday be a thread on this but does anyone have an 8 yr old boy who still uses a TP climbing frame ( or the elc one) ? or have they grown out of it by 8/9 ?

we're toying with getting one insteda of a trampoline but not sure if it would get a lot of use by my older boy ? 5yr old loves monkey bars so he'll be fine!

planning to get off ebay so won't be spending a fortune at least.

Marina Mon 28-Jul-08 23:56:05

Get a den for it and I guarantee it will still be in use

QuintessentialShadows Mon 28-Jul-08 23:58:31

We had Tropical Playground by littletikes

DS1 got it for his third birthday. He was over the moon. used it for a year and a half. From the age of 5 he would just pretend the top bit was a pirate ship, and he hardly ever used it. By 1years of age, DS1 loved it. We sold it on ebay after Christmas (due to housemove, as I am sure ds2 would loved it still)

LovelyDear Tue 29-Jul-08 00:01:31

we've just added the ELC £15 water-slide to our TP climbing frame and by god it's made my life a lot easier! That said, an 11 year old had a job sqeezing his bottom down the slide. So i guess it has a limited future.

wohmum Tue 29-Jul-08 00:06:34

Thanks all - a den's a great idea! but he'll probably get annoyed with ds2 wanting to go in there with himm! .. ds2 is the champ at winding up his big brother!

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