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kettles - I want one to go on the hob

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Yorkiegirl Wed 09-Feb-05 11:11:39

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 09-Feb-05 11:12:45

camping shop lol.

i think argos do one.

does it need to whistle?

fairyfly Wed 09-Feb-05 11:13:12

Yes, i have one, cheap, netto

charliecat Wed 09-Feb-05 11:13:58

Local hardware type of store is where my mum gets hers from.

Bagpuss30 Wed 09-Feb-05 11:15:14

Kitchen shop? We had a posh alessi one and it got filthy for some reason and then the whistle broke. Don't get one of those! .

misdee Wed 09-Feb-05 11:16:28

i've got a battered old one, i used it a lot when i lived on new estate and the builders kept cutting the electricty.

fairyfly Wed 09-Feb-05 11:17:10


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