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where can i get some popper vests age 3-4?

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AwayWithTheFaries Mon 28-Jul-08 09:21:48

any ideas want to get them from the high street ideally

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 28-Jul-08 09:24:28

You can't buy them, they stop making them aged 2 - 3.

SoupKitchen Mon 28-Jul-08 09:50:01

Why would you want them for that age anyway??

biglips Mon 28-Jul-08 09:51:24

time for them to start wearing vests now.

fymandbean Mon 28-Jul-08 09:53:14

yep - i gave up and bought proper ones!

Also means you have to get on with potty training as they have more access to their nappies!!!

AwayWithTheFaries Mon 28-Jul-08 09:55:58

i need them for night time because ds has taken to pulling his willy over the top of his nappy to play with it when he goes to bed resulting in a very wet bed!

fymandbean Mon 28-Jul-08 09:58:25

is he day time trained???

AwayWithTheFaries Mon 28-Jul-08 10:02:46


Fadge Mon 28-Jul-08 10:05:44

could you not put him in an all in one pyjama thing instead? they still make those upto about 5-6yo, the fleecy ones anyway - although admittedly not much use in this heat!

Fadge Mon 28-Jul-08 10:06:20

just thought, I have seen some popper vest extender things but I can't remember where, verbaudet perhaps?

Fadge Mon 28-Jul-08 10:07:42

fymandbean Tue 29-Jul-08 10:27:25

you could try and night train him then - I haven't none my DS as no need (no night time willy fiddling here wink ) but my cousin said that to train her boys you have to give them plenty to drink in the morning up to 4pm then nothing.... then they basically don't need to wee at night.

So you need to fit all liquid intake between 7am and 4pm.

Mind you I'd wait until the weather cools a bit to try this....

Twinkie1 Tue 29-Jul-08 10:31:49

I didn't think you could get that size as they presume most children are toilet trained by then?

strawberryfields Tue 29-Jul-08 11:39:02

Well ideally yes you'd night train him but if you're desperate there are some here - not cheap tho.

AwayWithTheFaries Tue 29-Jul-08 15:08:37

hi all thanks four your help iv tried to night time train him but hes not ready i got some popper vests in primark they are 18-42 months but they fit!

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