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Safe outdoor play area - where can I get portable fencing? HELP!

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DKMA Sun 27-Jul-08 19:27:41

I'm wondering if it is possible to get some kind of portable (plastic?) fencing to create a safe playing area out in the garden?

We have a big back garden with all sorts of hazzards that I'm trying to keep my 1yr old lo away from - like septic tank, dog pooh, rose bushes etc etc.

I would like this area to be big enough to fit a swing / slide / climbing frame etc in and to have plenty of space for him to run about in.

I've had a scan on the t'interweb but can't seem to find anything?

Any ideas?

Thanks smile

SqueakyPop Sun 27-Jul-08 19:30:57

In America, you can buy something called a play yard. It is basically about 8 plastic stairgates all linked together. Not sure if you can get them here, but if you see what they are, perhaps you could fashion something yourself with trellis and hinges?

SqueakyPop Sun 27-Jul-08 19:32:17

Google 'play yard' and then view the Google images.

LIZS Sun 27-Jul-08 19:38:17

Garden centres sell rolls of plastic coated wire fencing that is easy to fix up and fairly rigid - £25-30 for a 10m roll about 4ft high.

DKMA Sun 27-Jul-08 20:40:11

Squeaky - I've had a look at those and I think I'd need something bigger so he can have a run about within it. They look good though.

Lizs - I don't fancy having to put up fence posts etc and have hoping for something you just kind of click together iykwim.

I'm very lazy! grin

GentleOtter Sun 27-Jul-08 20:49:44

We use this It can be also be used as a room divider and is pretty easy to put up.

LIZS Mon 28-Jul-08 09:06:27

Exoensive way of doing it though ! You'd only need stakes for the wire fencing not full posts.

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