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where oh where can I buy a new linen basket?

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chocfreeclary Tue 08-Feb-05 22:29:25

Aarrrgh! I can no longer stand our wicker linen basket, the liner is long gone and now th ebasket is shedding wicker all over the bathroom floor.
But where can I buy another one? I've looked at John Lewis on line but the only one I liked was £65! Isn't that a bit dear? Also checked out my local kitchen/department store where they were even more expensive....
Also I need it to be quite big (!) don't want much do I?
Anyone got any top tips about this (I know you are all experts on the laundry )

judetheobscure Tue 08-Feb-05 22:30:41


HunkerMunker Tue 08-Feb-05 22:32:56

Tesco! We got a wicker one with 'darks' and 'lights' sections for under £20. It's not massive though. They do a white one that's quite big though. Wicker/silver iirc. Think that was less than £30.

WestCountryLass Tue 08-Feb-05 22:33:19

I have a basket that I got in Ikea:*10298

or they do this one:*10298

janeybops Tue 08-Feb-05 22:58:48

cotswold company have 20% off at the moment I think.

I gave up and bought a LLoyd Loom one in an auction for £12 when I was looking

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 20:14:40

Argos and Index have a selection.

JanH Wed 09-Feb-05 20:15:45

matalan? homebase?

CountessDracula Wed 09-Feb-05 20:19:24

I have a lovely one but sadly for you I bought it in the Philippines


Maybe a filipina mumsnetter could send you one?

beachyhead Wed 09-Feb-05 20:19:57

The heaven that is LAKELAND

Beetroot Wed 09-Feb-05 20:24:19

Message withdrawn

janeybops Wed 09-Feb-05 20:34:31

woolworths??? or Wilkinsons??

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 20:45:06

Dibor is a lovely catalogue. Pretty pricey,but I would gladly live with 90% of its contents.

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 20:46:21

Where and what is Wilkinsons??!!

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 20:47:26

Sort of like Woolworths Moondog. I wouldn't expect someone as classy as yourself would do there.

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 20:49:51

Hey, don't underestimate me laydeeeeee!!!
I am a BIG fan of Poundstretcher and Matalan I'll have you know!
(Wilkinsons must be an English southern (?) thing?)

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 20:52:01

Well I never came across one until I moved to here (West Sussex) but then I have never lived further north than Rugby. (Dare I mention that word yet?)

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 20:56:35

Do they have them in Brighton then, where my sister is? I know they have Primark there, the portals of which I have never graced/darkened
(delete as appropriate)

Good God, I must be desperate!

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 20:58:41

My synapses fired 9for once0 and I just got the rugby mention. Doh!!!! Oh yes, lonelymum,you talk rugby as much as you like!!

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 21:02:22

I know the Primark in Brighton!!!! But, like you, have never stepped foot in it.
Don't know about Wilkinsons in Brighton (though they have a Woolworths (which I do patronise as I like Ladybird clothes The Wilkinsons I know is in Horsham.

Met a friend of mine in the village yesterday: he is Welsh and the topic of conversation was VERY BORING!

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 21:05:22

Oh I just phoned one of my babysitters at home (as I have a meeting the night I get back) and I was asking her what it was like in town last night. She said the atmosphere was brilliant..much outragously exuberent behaviour and wild partying. Oh to have been there..!

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 21:07:24

I love Ladybird clothes! (Why the shame?!)

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 21:10:00

I am sure Van was rocking just by your efforts alone.

My friend was on a skiing weekend in Chamonix and he said the pub where he saw the match was divided between English people and a whole range of other nationalities. All the other nationalities were supporting Wales. I didn't know other nations were so inclined to support the underdog!

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 21:14:35


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