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Right I need someone to help me choose between 2 carseats please!

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somebodyhelpme Sat 26-Jul-08 16:15:40

ok I need a new carseat for ds 3.5, and after spending all day looking have i think desided to get one of these two, either a Britax evolva 2-3 or a graco logico l,

I only have around £50 to spend, but I have no idea how to deside between the 2, unless anyone can help with other recomendations?
we have no isofix, and it needs to be comfy for long journeys/sleeping.

if anyone fancies trying to find me a good deal on either of these that would be fab!
Thanks grin

differentID Sat 26-Jul-08 16:21:08

I would go with the evolva if you had to choose between them. If budget wasn't so much an issue, I would be tempted by the cybex solution+, because the hea rest can tilt for sleeping. Your little one is over 15kg/ 33lbs?

somebodyhelpme Sat 26-Jul-08 16:47:26

yes, he's just over 15kgs, have been checking, as his head is over the top of his current britax eclipse, and I need to move his little bro into it! will check out the cybex, thanks smile

sazm Sat 26-Jul-08 20:56:17

hiya, i would def go for the britax,
my son has a hi-liner,and i just bought my daughter a pink spotty one(halfords has hi-liners for £39.99 just now!)
we use our car a lot and kids fall asleep every day in them and look really comfy and well supported/protected.
my sister has graco seats for her kids but they dont seem so supportive.

SlowDown Sun 27-Jul-08 20:59:54

We got a Britax Evolva 2/3 Ultra (non isofix)for ds and love it. It was more than £50 but would think the Evolva 2-3 cheaper ones are similar. It had a good rating in the Which report, is easy to fit and light to transport. had some good offers recently and free delivery.

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