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Help needed taking Britax Duo Plus OUT of the car

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bluenosesaint Fri 25-Jul-08 22:17:58

Ok, so here is my idiot q of the day ...

I have the Britax duo plus and have had it for a couple of months (love it, btw).

Dh installed it into the car and now we can't get it back out blush

We have got the instructions, but they are in a 'safe' place at the back of the seat and we can't access them whilst the seat is still installed in the car blush blush

Can anyone help? How do we get the seat out of the car?

bluenosesaint Fri 25-Jul-08 23:14:19


differentID Fri 25-Jul-08 23:23:31

Are there two red buttons on the isofix attachments? I think you need to do something with those to unlock it

bluenosesaint Fri 25-Jul-08 23:29:52

Yes there are - but what do you do with them? I have fiddled but nothing happened ...

NoBiggy Fri 25-Jul-08 23:56:34

If it's the one I'm thinking off, get yourself in front of the seat, facing it. Get hold of those two red buttons and give them a squeeze. That releases the isofix and you just lift the seat out (after unclipping any top tether, obviously).

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