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furry animal pencil cases

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soyabean Tue 28-Jan-03 21:52:50

Anyone seen any online or in shops (London)? Dd has a beloved spotty dog pencil case on its last legs. Would love to replace it but it was a present and we cant remember who from. Thanks!

Mo2 Tue 28-Jan-03 22:01:01

Seem to think WHSmith do a few -we got DS1 a furry duck one which was flavour of the month for a while...

soyabean Tue 28-Jan-03 22:42:53

Thanks Mo Will go to a bigger branch than our local and have a look

janh Wed 29-Jan-03 15:03:46

Stationery Box?

Jaybee Wed 29-Jan-03 15:59:04

Would somewhere like RSPCA, NCDL or Wood Green do this sort of thing? John Lewis stationery dept can be quite good, or Woolworths.

Jaybee Thu 06-Mar-03 10:27:48

Saw these in Budgen supermarket yesterday - dog one which was brown, panda one and a lion one.

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