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Please help me find the best mobile deal! (very dull I know!!)

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sammysam Fri 25-Jul-08 15:09:18

I'm due to upgrade with 3 but when i phoned the upgrade people they were very unhelpful and were telling me all sorts of lies so i left it.
My plan is to find the best deal around and be prepared to move but then phone the cancellations dept and hope that they can match it hmm

At the mo i've got quite a good deal that i'm happy with but they will only offer me one rubbish phone for free.

I get 750 xnetwork mins and 150 texts (plus various extras i don't really use) for £25 a month.
I'm not too bothered about the phone-has to have a decent camera, not be too big and pref not a slider. Pref sony ericson or nokia.

The only real major thing is NOT an 18month contract as i have never had a phone make it to 12months working completely.

I use all my mins and texts a month although this month we've started getting free evening calls on our home phone so i could cut down a bit now i suppose!

Please can someone help me-anyone know of a better deal or company? Or know what to say to 3 when i ring up again?

Sorry for the long ramble grin!

sammysam Sat 26-Jul-08 22:15:34

Please can someone help me? Anyone?! x x x

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