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Electric breast pumps: mini or hire-from-hospital type?

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franch Tue 08-Feb-05 11:36:35

I hired a big industrial beast from the hosp last time but am considering buying an Ameda Mini this time. Has anyone tried both? I liked the hosp one because it was qiick and effortless as the suction was so powerful - how do the mini ones compare?

bundle Tue 08-Feb-05 12:02:52

franch, you wanna talk to motherinferior about breastpumps...she did a review for one of the babymags and tried ALL of them i think..

motherinferior Tue 08-Feb-05 12:03:41

I'll email you.


franch Tue 08-Feb-05 12:34:16

MI, thanks so much!

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