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Best supersoakers, please? Yes, I'm talking water-GUNS here. Anti-pigeon as well as children's plaything

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Fauve Tue 22-Jul-08 10:48:29

We've spent a small fortune on super-soakers in past summers, which the kids then reject as 'rubbish'. That may just mean they don't win waterfights.

But the season is upon us again, and dd has two waterfight parties to go to. How can I arm her effectively? She is 10 and ds is 14, so they can handle heavy ammo.

Also, I need to keep pigeons off my newly planted veg which, miracle of miracles, dh is watering. So a fun water pistol with a strong jet would be most useful, I reckon.

Any suggestions, pretty please?

Fauve Tue 22-Jul-08 11:02:57

C'mon, you know you all want one, too. Lovely sunny day out there.

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