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Mundane moan, but anyone else find the constant cleaning of stainless steel appliances a real chore?

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PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 07-Feb-05 09:58:43

It's the grubby little finger marks - they show immediately. I'm not the sort to spend time every day polishing my kitchen, and anyway, 10 mins after doing it, its back to looking grubby as ds1 and ds1 paw at it all. The hob and small oven/microwave are ok, but the main oven, dishwasher and fridge are all brushed stainless steel too.

Having all the latest cool looking kitchen equipment seemed like a good idea at the time..................

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 07-Feb-05 11:06:54

Do I win today's prize for the most mundane, unimportant post ?

Is everyone else polishing theirs furiously every day or am I missing a trick?

jabberwocky Mon 07-Feb-05 11:08:58

Yes! I hated it. When we moved I demanded a porcelain sink and white appliances. Now wishing I had gone for tea colored ones though .

noddyholder Mon 07-Feb-05 11:08:59

In the same situation I spend ages polishing with baby oil etc and our kitchen is south facing so if the sun shines all the facy stuff looks s**t!(sorry)we have a range cooker which looks great on a dull day though I AM TRAGIC!

TracyK Mon 07-Feb-05 11:10:31

get an e cloth they are brill. though I only clean mine when the sun shines on a sat. morning - otherwise I just leave it all.

tribpot Mon 07-Feb-05 11:11:20

No Puff, I totally agree. Absolute pain, particularly if you live in a hard water area (god the stainless steel sink, argh!)

To the point where I am looking for a new bin for the kitchen and absolutely refuse to buy a new brushed steel one. It may look nice but having all this stuff with instant fingermarks does my head in.

I have no great tips for how to keep this stuff shiny I'm afraid, anyone else found a good, painless way of dealing with stainless steel?

yoyo Mon 07-Feb-05 11:12:41

Have enough trouble with kettle and toaster - wouldn't consider any other appliances especially with mucky-fingered children! Two Lakeland products claim to leave a protective finish - Stainless steel cleaner & polisher and Maas metal polishing Creme. May order with my mincer when I get round to it.

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 07-Feb-05 11:17:50

Oh, I'm so glad it's not just me, it drives me nuts. I really regret buying all this stainless steel .

I'm also in search of something that will clean it easily, I'm sick of wasting money on stuff that doesn't do the job.

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 07-Feb-05 11:19:17

I've got an e cloth, and it didn't seem to be that good. Maybe my technique is wrong .

nasa Mon 07-Feb-05 11:43:41

tiny bit of baby oil makes it all very shiny

lyndap Mon 07-Feb-05 16:06:13

Use Barkeepers friend to clean off muck without scratching it then spray with windolene and buff with a paper towel....I am a tragic cleaning fanatic and this works as long as you buff fast after spraying the windolene.

bran Mon 07-Feb-05 16:41:31

My cleaner uses WD40, but obviously not on any surfaces that might have food on them. When I first moved in with dh I developed a zen-like ability to be unmoved by dirt and mess, it's stood me in very good stead very since.

Branster Mon 07-Feb-05 20:17:41

there is no magic solution from this other than either clean the surfaces fifty times a day with a soft cloth (sainsbury's and other supermarkets sell a blue soft cloth which i find v v v good) or resist the temptation to ever enter the kitchen or use/touch anything in there. better still, bolt the door and that should do it!

i use any kitchen cleaner with bleach to get rid of germs, rinse with water, then use a spray cleaner for stainless steel, rinse and polish with a very soft and absorbent cloth. takes bloody ages!

i would never, ever have any stainless steel in my kitchen or reccomend it to anyone (unless a live in cleaner is present).

BTW, I tried the baby oil idea and did not work for me although lots of my friens swear by it. however they have a cleaner to do that.

KristinaM Mon 07-Feb-05 20:20:48

yes its a pain. thats why i still have a nasty plastic kitchen bin - because all the cool stylish ones are made from brushed stainless steel and I refuse to dedicate my life to polishing the bin

onlineid Mon 07-Feb-05 20:26:12

Message withdrawn

doggiewalker Mon 07-Feb-05 20:32:09

Yep, wish I'd known before buying my expensive stainless steel bin! Looks great for 5 mins when it's just been cleaned other wise there are water marks, finger prins you name it on there.

Note to self: when get new kitchen, don't get any more stainless steel !

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