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Anyone bought an Ikea kitchen sink and taps?

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marthamoo Mon 07-Feb-05 09:38:20

Any good?

That's it really - TIA!

scotlou Mon 07-Feb-05 09:41:03

No - I've not bought them but I have been told by a plumber that they do not fit UK connections so you have to buy adaptor kits too. His advice was to buy the kitchen from Ikea - but not the sink or taps!

hoxtonchick Mon 07-Feb-05 09:53:05

we've got an ikea tap & it's fine. cheap & it works. kept our old sink to save money....

marthamoo Mon 07-Feb-05 09:57:03

And it connected OK, hoxtonchick? We need a sink and tap - not having a new kitchen though (just new worktops, tiling etc.)

Scotlou, do you know if Ikea sell adaptor kits too? I have just looked on their website and they come with fittings (it says) but not pipework. But I assume as we are replacing an existing sink the pipes etc. are already in situ.

SofiaAmes Mon 07-Feb-05 22:00:48

Perfectly good quality and that's nonsense about not fitting uk frequently have to buy adaptor's no big deal and not expensive.

Davros Mon 07-Feb-05 23:11:49

No problems with fitting ours inc taps but the I wanted a big sink and a mini sink and all I could get was two midi sinks!

alison222 Tue 08-Feb-05 18:17:21

Yes we have one. I think we needed adaptors to connct the pipes to the outflow as they were different sizes, but the local plumbers had them, so no problem at all. @ years on the sink is still fine

COD Tue 08-Feb-05 18:22:47

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Wed 09-Feb-05 09:04:19

Thanks for all that - think we'll go for Ikea then (about half the price of anywhere else we've looked).

marthamoo Wed 09-Feb-05 09:05:25

Davros, by big sink and mini sink do you mean one and a half bowl (I know all the lingo now!)? They do them now - that's what we're having.

alison222 Fri 11-Feb-05 14:55:36

The kitchen was already here when we moved in - All ikea I think. We replaced the small round sink- no drainer immediately with a normal sink well actually one and a half bowl as marthamoo reminded me - and mow I think about it we bought a Wikes sink. Sorry for the duff info earlier.
The rest of the kitchen is fine though. We just got another tall cupboard to add to what we had.It was very easy to put together but I don't know how true this is for all of it.

Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 15:08:45

My kitchen design teacher said that if you consider the relationship between cost and quality, IKEA kitchens are the best option. I think that if she gets to design those 30,000 punds kitchens, and appears in TV and still has an IKEA kitchen at home, she may be right. HTH

Now regarding the taps... we got one that was rubish but... I think my husband di something to it!!

Chandra Fri 11-Feb-05 15:09:26

Don't trus IKEA keyboards though

bluebear Fri 11-Feb-05 15:38:58

We have the double porcelain IKEA sink and (fitted to another sink) some IKEA taps (one tall curved spout with spikey knobs on either side ) - both are fine and were no problem to fit.

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