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Is there anything which will stick up posters but not leave marks on the walls?

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fishnet Sun 20-Jul-08 15:51:05

We're moving into a rental property. I bought some sticky pad things but have just tested them out on our walls and they stick the poster up but then don't come off the wall.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Whizzz Sun 20-Jul-08 15:57:33

I think it depends on what the wall is made of / painted with, We use Blu-Tak & it seems to be OK at not leaving marks

fishnet Sun 20-Jul-08 15:59:12

Blu tack doesn't work for us since however hard he tries DS1 just can't resist playing with it and getting it stuck in the carpet.

FabioUnblogged Sun 20-Jul-08 15:59:36


milknosugar Sun 20-Jul-08 16:00:34

i was told to use toothpaste, it wipes off the walls but knackers the posters if they are thin paper. wont tell you what friend of dhs used to use [bleurgh]

girlandboy Sun 20-Jul-08 19:45:58

Blu tack pulled the plaster off our wall!!! Don't think it's meant to do that.

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