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In an effort to not spend £100 on a TT......

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deeeja Sun 20-Jul-08 15:04:39

Has any one used the Gasell junior highchair from Ikea here I quite like the look of it.
At £23 it is a snip, am wondering if it will turn out to be as wonderful as the antilop, which now comes in red and blue and am insanely excited about that even though have no baby to put in it anymore blush
So, Gasell, yay or nay?

hunkermunker Sun 20-Jul-08 15:06:17

Your baby will fall off it.



deeeja Sun 20-Jul-08 15:14:37

I want it for a five year old and a 3 year old. The 20month old has a TT, I can't afford another one at the moment.

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