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Where do you buy your foreign money???

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RTKangaMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 21:35:49

Where do you buy your foreign money?

We need american dollars

We usually get from bank

But wondered if there was better option?

post office????

RTKangaMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 21:37:22

If you get from post office do you fill in a form and then they get it for you?

Our local main PO has closed for refubishment so can you get it from little one?

Frizbe Sun 06-Feb-05 21:48:57

I got the last lot from the Post Office, ours carries quiet a lot of cash as one of the main ones, if its a smaller office they'll have some in stock, then you'll need to order!

RTKangaMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 21:49:51

did you get a good rate?

JanH Sun 06-Feb-05 21:52:17

Our little one is one that has closed permanently, but used to be good for dollars and euros. Our main PO keeps several currencies in stock; if your little one is substituting while the big one is shut it should be the same. No form to fill.

Otherwise any of the banks can get it for you the next day I think. PO charges no commission but presumably has slightly less favourable rates to compensate - swings and roundabouts!

RTKangaMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 21:56:50

we don't need it til easter

so suppose you are correct about swings and roundabouts.

We don't sell them back so we keep them for further visits IYSWIM

JanH Sun 06-Feb-05 22:04:49

Ring round then, kanga - Nationwide is usually pretty good for this kind of thing but ask them all for exchange rates and commission.

If you are likely to need to use a card while you're there, open a Nationwide current account before you go and put some cash in there to cover you; they have good exchange rates and no commission on card transactions, Which magazine always recommend them.

RTKangaMummy Sun 06-Feb-05 22:07:33

yes nationwide are brill that way

we both have cards with them

SofiaAmes Mon 07-Feb-05 22:10:42

Saw an article a few years ago that said that surprisingly M&S bureau de change had the overall deal (rates combined with fees) and that the post office was next best.

serenity Mon 07-Feb-05 22:14:11

Either abbey (my bank) or Thomas Cook.

cornfield Mon 07-Feb-05 22:14:48

The Post Office is the best option, if you get your form in before 12pm then you get your currency in the next day, free commission and free changing back. The rates are the same evrywhere, there is no beter deal.

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 22:26:30

will look at M & S as well as post office

Thanks guys

JanH Mon 07-Feb-05 22:32:08

Which magazine says "Contrary to what you might expect, you won't always get a worse exchange rate if you buy commission-free.

It is worth shopping around to find the cheapest overall cost, including commission, but you may as well start with the places that are commission-free, such as Tesco, Lloyds TSB, Yorkshire or Clydesdale Bank. Similarly, Marks & Spencer and the Post Office won't charge for currency or non-sterling travellers' cheques."

JanH Mon 07-Feb-05 22:35:56

And "If you have a Nationwide card to use abroad, you're on to a winner. Its debit card doesn't make any charge for foreign purchases or cash withdrawals. And its credit cards are good, too - Nationwide won't charge if you use them to buy something, and its cash withdrawal fee is only 1 per cent.

It has two credit cards. The Classic Visa card isn't a Best Buy but the Cash Reward card is - as long as you tend to pay your bill in full each month."

(We have Alliance and Leicester and they do charge for debit card cash withdrawals.)

nappybaglady Mon 07-Feb-05 22:52:52

There's some info about this on the website. (sorry I can't do links). V useful site for any money stuff.

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 22:55:40

I love Martin

get his email alerts each month

Jan you are brill

ernest Tue 08-Feb-05 09:13:04

I just get it out of the cash point when I arrive in country.

JanH Tue 08-Feb-05 09:22:10

I know

Actually we have a Nationwide current account, have had it for years and years but it's only got 35p in it since we switched to A&L, I keep meaning to top it up before holidays but then I don't know where the debit card is or what the PIN is, blahdeblah, next time I will get organised.

(I love Martin too, Kanga!)

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 09:41:49

I get so excited when he is on tv

I video it and so I can rewatch and so I can show DH

tatt Tue 08-Feb-05 10:06:13

on mumsnet advice we got a natiowide credit card - much cheaper than getting dollars here. Only problem is you need to tip when you pick up your car.

RTKangaMummy Tue 08-Feb-05 10:12:52

who do you tip at pick up?

we never have

We have $$$ left over anyway

tatt Wed 09-Feb-05 07:04:09

the **** man who had his hand out all the time and insisted on opening doors/helping with luggage and generally getting in the way. They didn't get any tip when we returned the car. I wouldn't have given him anything as he was a pest but dh did - and as we hadn't changed any bills it wasn't a small tip.

Bradsmum Wed 09-Feb-05 15:09:40

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