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'normal' underwear models

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TracyK Sun 06-Feb-05 21:31:16

do you think there's a gap in the market for underwear to be modelled by 'normal/fat' models. even the tummy toning ones in the catalogues are on size 8 models! ffs!
My high waisted ones just roll down now to under my tummy!

lowcalCOD Sun 06-Feb-05 21:32:07

no I like ott look at super slim women who prersuade me that I too will look like that!

TracyK Sun 06-Feb-05 21:32:50

ok for thongs i agree - but not tummy toning ones

lulupop Sun 06-Feb-05 21:43:05

let's face it, no one's going to buy underwear modelled by people with loads of lumps and bumps, however normal they might be - we all need something to aspire to!

my friend's dh is the photographer who shoots the Levi's underwear promo stuff, and he has models who are aged 15. Clearly not the type of physique that those of us with kids can realistically hope for, but we all knew that already, didn't we??

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