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Talk to me about Bike Trailer things!

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Flamesparrow Sat 19-Jul-08 17:03:03

I bought one off ebay.

Two kids sit in the back, behind the bike kind of thing.

Are they going to beat hell out of each other during journeys??

I'm quite scared of it now it is here, but soooooooooooo want to use one!

Ready4anotherCoffee Sun 20-Jul-08 01:40:26

they are fab!!!!

I can't wait for dd2 to be big enough to return to cycling.

as with anything, there is a possibility of scraps, but threatening my 2 with having to run along behind normally stopped any fightsgrin

amazonianwoman Sun 20-Jul-08 22:27:01

Just give them plenty to eat and/or play with & they'll be fine. DD 4yrs and DS 16mths don't scrap (yet)

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