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Can anyone recommend a bunk bed? ANd from what age?

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IlanaK Sun 06-Feb-05 19:27:28

My ds1 (will be 4 in July) currently sleeps in a toddler bed which was converted frmo his cot bed. It fits him fine, but we are thinking about getting him into a "normal" sized bed soon. I also have a ds2 who is 8 months and sleeps in a baby hammock at the moment. WHen he is around 1 year old, he will need to transfer into the cot bed, so I have to have this sorted out by then. As I am planning a third baby at some point and will need to move ds2 in with ds1 (not for ages, but planning ahead is my middle name!), I was thinking that bunkbeds for ds1's room made the most sense, rather than just getting a single bed now and having to replce it later.

So, what I want is a set of bunk beds that is 2 full sized beds - maybe even ones that can be seperated? I have seen some lovely bunk type beds with slides, tunnels etc, but they all seem to be just one bed on top (midi height I think?) All the "Normal" bunk beds seem a bit boring.

DOes anyone have one they can recommend? ANd also, what age can ds1 sleep at the top? I don't really want to start him off on the bottom and move him up later. ALso, I think he will want to sleep at the top once he sees it.

The nicest one I have seen was at Harrods (no, I don't normally shop there, but I took ds to see Santa). It was wooden and shaped like a london bus with full steps up the back (not ladder). It had bed on top and bottom as well as storage underneath. Only one problem - it cost something like £4,000!!

serenity Sun 06-Feb-05 19:55:42

It's been so long I can't recommend any specific bunk beds, but they are a good idea.

I think the age for the top bunk is meant to be 6+, but DS1 was only about 3.5. Ds2 had to go in the bottom, and I was confident that DS1 was agile enough to go up and down the ladder safely, even in the middle of the night. For a while I used to leave a spare quilt at the bottom of the ladder, just in case he needed something to bounce off of!

We've got a 'trio' bunkbed now (double on the bottom, single on the top) as DD will have to go in with DSs by the summer and they love it. I often find the three of them playing on there, although that doesn't boad well for bedtimes does it

IlanaK Tue 08-Feb-05 13:25:32

Thanks for that. I thought I had read 6+ somewhere too, but I just can't understand why as bunk beds usually have rails at the top don't they?

Anyone recommend a specific one?

LIZS Tue 08-Feb-05 13:43:36

Have a look at Flexa - suggested combinations and accessories here . You can start the bed low and then add either legs to mid height or loft and/or extra bunk underneath, directly, staggered or at an L shape depending on the space.

We put ds into the mid height at almost 4, having had 18 months on the lower level. dd is 3 and has the low one atm but we have legs etc to raise it later on. Friends have theirs aged 6 and 3 in the straight bunk combination.

miranda2 Tue 08-Feb-05 14:17:45

I was given our bunks secondhand so no advice there, but ds has been in the top bunk happily since he turned 3. Has never fallen out (has fallen out of the bottom bunk when he's slept in that - it hasn't got a safety rail!). He loves climbing up the ladder to bed, or being swung up by daddy. We do have a no friends go up there rule, as I think they can be sillier in numbers.

puddle Tue 08-Feb-05 14:32:42

we got jack and jill bunks ours from Aspace (they have a website) - like you we wanted two full sized singles that could be separated. We also wanted a detachable ladder in case dd started trying to get into d's bed. They are neutral enough for my kids room - my ds and dd share. DS has been in the top bunk since 4.5 - the age they advise is 6. We have had no problens although we did have to teach dd(2 and a bit)to manage the ladder we have not had to remove it!!

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