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Ergo Baby Carrier - New Generation or Classic

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archibaldandlily Sat 19-Jul-08 08:06:02

Hello, has anyone used either of these and is the New Generation worth paying the extra for. I'm currently working out which one to buy - I have a 15 month old and have some flights to do on my own - I used to use baby bjorn with lumber support and really liked that when he was smaller and flying on my own so now looking for something to replace that. Also does anyone know if I was to buy one of those bigger more travelling rucksack style ones can you take those on the plane with your hand luggage and taking your pram to the steps of the plane or do you get charged more one of the more sturdy bigger metal framed ones. thank you!

kiskidee Sat 19-Jul-08 10:02:31

For the price of a New Gen. or Classic or less, you can get more stylish and just as good if not better carriers.

In the style of the Ergo, look at the Beco, Sleepy Nico, Patapum, Yamo and Connecta which are called soft structured carriers.


If you are in London,the Summerslingshow is on on the 27th of July and lots of sellers and different types of carriers will be modeled, available to try on with expert advice on hand as well as on sale. Good luck.

If you can't get there, the page linked will link to the online shops of all the sellers who will be there.

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