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Warning - do not allow your DS to become obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. He has disappeared off the face of the planet!

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fishnet Fri 18-Jul-08 17:48:27

And have just discovered why - they're remaking the movies in 3D to be released next year and the year after. The products are all being phased out ready for a relaunch. I wondered why anything Buzz Lightyear is like gold dust at the moment. Very frustrating when I have an obsessed three year old who has requested a Buzz Lightyear room in the new house we move into next week!!

princessofpower Fri 18-Jul-08 19:10:28

Message withdrawn

PortAndLemon Fri 18-Jul-08 19:11:55

Paint a big Buzz mural on the wall and just match other stuff in colour/tone/general space-ness?

Califrau Fri 18-Jul-08 19:17:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cece Fri 18-Jul-08 19:17:56

Plenty at car boots....

AllBuggiedOut Fri 18-Jul-08 23:31:15

Lots reduced in woolies at the moment.

BlueDragonfly Fri 18-Jul-08 23:35:57

toys r us have a huge amount of buzz lightyear toys in, the new ones something about backyard something or other. SAinsbo has reduced ones too

BlueDragonfly Fri 18-Jul-08 23:40:48

disney have buzz still

can you paint his room blue and paint or stick on stars and planets and just get lots of toys?

liahgen Fri 18-Jul-08 23:42:48

i've got a cool duvet set with buzz on from toy story 2, was gonna ebay at weekend. ?

HappyMummyOfOne Sat 19-Jul-08 16:37:47 had posters recently, they are ace and cheap for childrens changing tastes.

If you get stuck, I am sure we have a duvet cover and curtains set in the loft that was barely used. Bought it for DS who then discovered Cars a month or so later lol. Havent been up there in a while but dont recall getting rid of it.

fishnet Sun 20-Jul-08 15:40:06

Ooo thanks everyone. Trouble is its a rented house so we can't do much to it but I've had one of those duvet sets and am on the case for some matching curtains! Tasteful hmm but he'll love it!

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