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Pink gingham or polka dot curtains with a 90' drop?

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QueenBhannae Fri 18-Jul-08 12:01:36

Can anyone find any of these for me cheap or will I have to resort to wundaweb and hacking two pairs to death?


mishymoo Fri 18-Jul-08 12:04:33

Can you or someone else make curtains for you? I bought blue gingham for my DS when he was a baby for around £2.99 per metre and got a friend to make them for me!

QueenBhannae Fri 18-Jul-08 12:14:44

I saw some pink gingham ones in Wilkos and thought of maybe buying two pairs and hashing them together with wundaweb grin but wanted to check that there wasn't an easier option first lol.

amazonianwoman Fri 18-Jul-08 14:19:03

Saw some pink polka dot ones recently in John Lewis - readymade ones.

No idea of size but they did have several sizes.

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