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300 pounds for a moisturiser?

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stitch Sat 05-Feb-05 14:49:31

why would anyone want to spend that much on a facial moisturiser? i think pure gold is probably cheaper.

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 14:50:49

more money than sense?

cos they can?

count me out!

colditzmum Sat 05-Feb-05 14:51:31


I spent less than that on my VEHICLE!!!!!!!

That is really really SAD

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 14:53:46

with things like this I always have a little picture in my head of a customer entering the shop and the vendor stood behind a door rubbing his/her hands going 'here comes another one!'

stitch Sat 05-Feb-05 14:54:14

thing is, i could spend that much money, then i would at least want to get value for money, but what does this cream provide that a much cheaper one doesnt?
and unless you inherited the money, then chances are you will run out of it if you keep spending so stupidly?
or am i just not understanding the culture of the rich?

stitch Sat 05-Feb-05 14:54:52

i meant if i could. at the moment i think four pounds for my oil of olay is about right!

stitch Sat 05-Feb-05 14:55:18

lol jools

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 14:55:59

I use Nivea or Vaseline myself - now THAT'S value for money!

princesspeahead Sat 05-Feb-05 15:06:02

all the beauty editors use oil of olay (when they aren't using the £300 a pot samples they are given!)
and so do I

kama Sat 05-Feb-05 15:12:55

Message withdrawn

flibbertigibbet Sat 05-Feb-05 15:35:14

bring it on - i would

i'm not loaded but not endowed with much sense either - tragically

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