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My washing machine just broke, please help me choose a new one...

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smellymelly Sat 05-Feb-05 14:35:22

Actually I'm quite pleased, as it is 11 years old and I have wanted a new one for a couple of years, it has been incredibly reliable, I only broke the handle off!

Would like a big load capacity of at least 6kg, preferably 7.5kg, and would be able to spend around £300 to £350.

Possibly LG direct drives, but their wash times are so long. And liked the look of the Hoover ones, as they do extra, or delete rinses, which is good as I only use a wash ball for the baby clothes, no detergent. But the Which report says Hoover are not reliable.

Need to order one today on the internet, so need quick answers please.

stitch Sat 05-Feb-05 14:38:39

when we get a new washiing machine, i will want to get one asa low tech as possible. we have one with all sorts of programs in it, that never get used, but mean that it breaks down quite rgularly, every year actually. and about two weeks after each of my younger two kids were born. apparently the delay start is to blame. something i never use, as usually do two washes a day or more.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 05-Feb-05 14:38:39

have you tried which?online yet? I'm rubbish at things like that. My mum bought me a hotpoint with a large drum when I told her I was having twins. Not much help am I? Sorry

BadHair Sat 05-Feb-05 14:42:19

We had this Hoover one in December. Washes well but nearly went on fire last week. Apparently a faulty chip, or something up with its "brain" anyway. All repaired now but I don't dare to leave it on overnight or when I'm out anymore.

BadHair Sat 05-Feb-05 14:44:30

MIL has this one in white and swears by it. Wouldn't fit the gap in our kitchen though.

smellymelly Sat 05-Feb-05 14:49:05

OMG - Badhair, that's awful!

Thanks mmmm - I have looked at which online, putting me off my original choices.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 05-Feb-05 14:53:04

Do you remember the zanussi adverts where they claimed to come from another planet? Well my mum never removed the travel bar (she didn't know about it) and when it spun it was as though the machine was trying to take off. She would always say that the d*mn thing was trying to get back to it's own planet. lol

Demented Sat 05-Feb-05 15:18:29

We have a Miele and it is six years old now and never had a problem with it (it'll break down now ). They have been coming down in price the last few years so you may be able to get one at the top end of your budget. Otherwise Bosch always get a good name.

jangly Sat 05-Feb-05 15:21:22

I think Miele are the only ones that do a 50 wash. And the one I looked at had a separate programme for duvets!!

TinyGang Sat 05-Feb-05 15:37:56

Hotpoint - a basic one. Mine is on all the time and seems fine, but the reason we have it is that if it needs a spare part or repair (it's had a new drum), the parts are easy to get. I had an Ariston before but repairing it was a nightmare and no-one seemed familiar with how to mend it.

I agree with Stich too - nothing too high tech. I only use about three types of basic programmes regularly. I apply this theory to most household machines having learned the hard way!

lockets Sat 05-Feb-05 15:39:50

Message withdrawn

alison222 Sat 05-Feb-05 17:06:07

Love my new bosch. It has a child lock on it so if your little darlings twiddle the buttons half way through it just carries on doing its original programme (athough DS 4 can turn it off). _ Oh and it cleans really well too

lowcalCOD Sat 05-Feb-05 17:06:34

bosch maxxx

smellymelly Sat 05-Feb-05 17:58:22

Thanks everyone, I just ordered a Bosch 1200 from the Comet website for £269 and free delivery, about £100 cheaper than Argos!!

Didn't go too flash as we might be leaving the country this year!

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