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SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Feb-05 23:17:28

Went out to do a bit of window shopping today. Was looking at the toys with dd in Woolies and we came across a puppet theatre, with 4 puppets, tickets, script and a small sound effects machine. I know how much dds love these and I was hovering over it wondering whether or not I should buy it. It was £29.99 reduced to £19.99 so I was very tempted. My weakness got the better of me and I picked up off the shelf and went to the checkout. The cashier rang it into the till and said that they had discounts on chad valley toys and that there was another £5 to come off the price.
Only paid £15.99. Well chuffed!

SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Feb-05 23:18:49

Sorry paid £14.99 for it - the other pound was spent on chocolate bars which I shouldn't have bought!!

mummygow Fri 04-Feb-05 23:21:20

lol sparkler1 I love bargains and the puppet theatre sounds absolutely wonderful, have you and dds played with it yet?

SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Feb-05 23:24:45

I put it together for them when they came home from school - and felt really excited for them. Was really looking forward to having to sit in the "audience" and watch a performance. It didn't go quite according to plan. Dds spent the next half an hour arguing that they didn't want to be the crocodile or the policeman. Dd2 (3) was insisting that the lady puppet wasn't called Judy and insisted that her name was something different! <<<<sigh emoticon>>>>

SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Feb-05 23:25:11

Never mind - there's always tomorrow.

SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:03:36

Thinking of taking the bloody thing back. They've squabbled over it again today.

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 22:13:03

Dd would love this. Must go and have a look in Woolies then!

SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:20:16

It is really sweet. Hope you have luck finding one BH! x

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 22:22:01

Thanks Sparkler

How are you as I haven't chatted to you in a while?

I have really been trying to cut down on here as it was taking over tbh!

SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:24:27

Am not too bad BH - thanks for asking - what with one thing or another (usual story - read other threads!! )
Are you keeping well?

nutcracker Sat 05-Feb-05 22:25:28

I love a good bargain too. Just got a metal high sleeper bed and desk for Dd for 40 quid off ebay . Was gonna spend 200 on one.

SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Feb-05 22:28:03

Nice one nutcracker.

Blossomhill Sat 05-Feb-05 22:34:29

Have to have a look then Sparkler.

Is that including delivery Nutcracker?

Aero Sat 05-Feb-05 22:44:29

Glad you found what you were looking for nutty.

nutcracker Sat 05-Feb-05 22:49:10

Got to collect it some time in the week.

It doesn't have a futon with it but tbh i wasn't that bothered about that anyway.

Have got the bug now

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