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Anyone got a Ford Galaxy?

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Hulababy Tue 15-Jul-08 21:10:48

No - not thinking of buying one!

How do you find it? We are thinking of hiring one whilst on holiday - for the 7 seats.

This is the option offered, no other alternatives suggested.

There will be 7 of us - 4 adults, 3 children (1 in high back booster and 2 ineither highback or just booster cushions).

And luggages - we are thinking a couple of soft bags per familty rather than couples, plus hand luggage. No pushchair this year.

Went to see one today and think we could cope - only an hours drive away with all luggage.

But anyone got one so knows what it is like practicially for luggage space? ill we really cope?

bevjotom Tue 15-Jul-08 21:39:36

Hi we had a galaxy and when we went away with my mum and dad and brother plus our ds1 so only 6 of us we had to get a roof box as not a lot of room with all the seats in.My dh says you'd be better hiring a VW transporter because they have 9 seats and loads of luggage space.
Hope that helps

Hulababy Tue 15-Jul-08 21:55:22

The best car up is a Caravel apparently - like big van. But cost of that is very good, so maybe will look at tht instead.

oi Tue 15-Jul-08 21:57:30

yes, with 7 seats up the luggage room is limited. We used to have one so I can't go and look but you can squish some bags in behind the two back seats (right in the boot) quite easily and between the rows but there isn't that much space.

Millie1 Tue 15-Jul-08 23:03:10

We have one ... with all three rows up, there's just room for our double buggy and a couple of bags in the boot. Would doubt if you would get enough luggage for 7 people in ... even if soft bags. Would the hire company hire a roof box out too? That might help. Aside from that ... lovely to drive!

Hulababy Wed 16-Jul-08 20:01:59

Thanks. Not sure if they do roof boxes, not sure if an option TBH.

Think it will be the Caravel we go for then,

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