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will next give me a refund

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nikcola Fri 04-Feb-05 20:23:49

i bought a jacket from next this week for £39.99 (the girls at college got me next vouchers for my 21st) and i really dont like the jacket its too big plus not worth £40 ive taked off the tags and worn it once for a couple of hours how can i get a refund or at least swap it for something else im gutted now

dp said i shoild pull some stitching out and go and complain and demand a refund but i dont like lieing

hercules Fri 04-Feb-05 20:29:21

I doubt they'd take it back without the labels although it would be worth trying if you still have them and can take them with you.
I used to work in River Island and we could usually tell when someone had pulled out stitches so I wouldn't bother.

nikcola Fri 04-Feb-05 20:31:16

what about if i said dd took the labels off i threw them away

lowcalCOD Fri 04-Feb-05 20:31:34

think youa re knackered

hercules Fri 04-Feb-05 20:33:55

No, they've heard it all before.

CarrieG Fri 04-Feb-05 20:35:41

Tell them it was a present & you don't like it/it doesn't fit/it's your unlucky colour?

Next are quite good actually, I got given some baby clothes which turned out to be too small (labels removed) & they agreed quite happily to exchange them for goods to the value - then when something I'd picked out turned out to be cheaper they gave me the difference in cash - I'd have gone & found some socks or something to make up the difference, but they were perfectly OK about it.

nikcola Fri 04-Feb-05 20:36:21

ok ill try and blag it x

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 04-Feb-05 20:36:44

I would try it. Tell them the truth, it was a present and put it on to show them that it's too big and explain nicely that you would like to swap it for something else and that your not bothered about getting a refund.

JanH Fri 04-Feb-05 20:40:17

I was with a friend this week at Next when she took back a top that had been given to her daughter at Christmas - it did have tags, but no receipt, and they cheerfully gave her a voucher instead (didn't even ask for the penny! Top was £9.99, voucher was £10.)

Defo worth a try if it looks like new

nikcola Fri 04-Feb-05 23:23:24

ok ill give it a go wish me luck xxx

lunavix Fri 04-Feb-05 23:25:57

If you have taken the tags out and you can tell it has been worn (eg by smell) then they will not give you a refund or gift vouchers. Even if it is faulty, they will still try to fob you off with gift vouchers.

If you kick up a stink for a refund with a fault, you will need something more convincing that stitching undone, perhaps a faulty zip.

nikcola Sun 06-Feb-05 23:15:51

thay gave me a refund no problem xxxxxx

nikcola Mon 07-Feb-05 15:35:28

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