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travel blackout curtains/curtain linings - do they exist?

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MuffinMclay Tue 15-Jul-08 13:21:46

Looking for something to rig up at MIL's house to make the boys' room darker. Is there such a thing as a blackout curtain that attaches with velcro to a normal curtain? Or something else clever that will do the trick?

TillyScoutsmum Tue 15-Jul-08 13:23:03

Try Baa Baa blackout blinds - portable black out blinds with "suckers" (technical phrase smile) that fit to the window. Think I got mine from Lullabys online

pop1973 Tue 15-Jul-08 13:38:05

The Baa Baa are expensive, if you wanted something permanent you could get blackout lining and get some strong velcro to put on the edge of the window.

On holiday rather than spend a lot of money, I have used black bin bags and sellotaped a bit to the window and put a couple of large blankets over the curtains so that they drape across.

I might use some thick black card this year on holiday and bluetac to the window. ??

MuffinMclay Tue 15-Jul-08 13:52:26

Don't want to spend too much. There are 3 windows in the room, and we're only staying for 2/3 nights.

Beauregard Tue 15-Jul-08 13:53:53

Tape black bags to the windows.

izzybiz Tue 15-Jul-08 14:02:50

Pefectly happy people do travel blackout blinds, they attach with suckers.
Not sure of price though.

pop1973 Tue 15-Jul-08 16:24:13

Izzybiz what is the name of the company that do travel blackout blinds ??

Tutter Tue 15-Jul-08 16:25:23

i've bought the travel blackout blinds

they never work as well as bin bags taped to windows, ime

MuffinMclay Tue 15-Jul-08 16:44:07

Think I'll try the bin bag thing. I'll experiment at home with that before buying anything else.

Thanks for the

Beauregard Tue 15-Jul-08 21:01:53

The bags really do work.We were on our hols last week and did the windows of the caravan with bags.

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