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DeLonghi cappucino and espresso maker-anyone got one?

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tullytwo Tue 15-Jul-08 09:46:17

Theres a good deal on one of these and thought it would save money rather than going to Starbucks etc. It is dps birthday and he loves his coffee but probably more americanos than espressos.

Anyway - we have been through a couple of coffee machines and they never seem to taste as good as coffee shops so just wondered if anyone could recommend this one - know its a good brand.

yorkiegal Tue 15-Jul-08 10:21:45

Hi we have a delonghi one similar to this delonghi

I use lavazza coffeelavazza the one with the red cup on the wrapper from most supermarkets .
The milk frother is noisy and i tend to use me aerolatte for that.
I also find that the filtered milk like cravendale make better froth,the milk needs to be belowboiling temp for best froth.
A bit long winded sorry .I do love my machine and its well used

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